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Ben and Shaq, Comcast (Wild West)

Ben Stein and Shaq talk about the new comcast offers in the wild wild west. 

Ben and Shaq, Comcast Winning Award

Funny Comcast Commercial with Shaq and Ben Stein winning an award in Hollywood. Directed by Phil Joanou for MJZ and featuring Brandy Howard.

Ben and Shaq, Comcast (Cleveland)

Watch Shaq and Ben Stein's Comcast Commercial filmed at Cleveland's own Park Building!

Alaska Sea Food Commercial

Wild Ben in the wild Alaska for a commercial for Alaska sea food. 

Ben Stein, Clear Eyes Commercial

Ben Stein enjoying a day on the beach for a Clear Eyes commercial

Ben Stein, Clear Eyes Commercial 

Ben Stein in the Clear Eyes Cooling Comfort Commercial.

Ben Stein, Clear Eyes Commercial

The new Clear Eyes Commercial featuring the 12 hour Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief.

Ben Stein, Clear Eyes Commercial

Ben Stein Clear Eyes for redness relief. 8 hour relief

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