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Renaissance man Ben Stein melds deadpan humor and serious insights on the economy and human nature in talks that leave people laughing and thinking.
Ben Stein offers laughter, insight and tears as he explores society’s most quirky conundrums. Armed with a curmudgeonly persona and offbeat style, he dissects the economy and helps audiences balance life’s priorities, even as he offers an eye-opening tour of its greatest absurdities. An exceptionally gifted economist whose market analysis is sought by companies and organizations across the country,

Praise for Ben's Speeches

Lorraine Stalberg

"You were just magnificent today! Your speech was strong, touching, funny, perceptive, interesting, and, most of all, from the heart. You don't just phone it in. You believe it and convey it in such a way that you teach, reveal truths that we don't think about often enough or hear enough, and you leave a lasting impression on everyone in the room. Not only that, but you stoically and cheerfully endure being mobbed, photographed, kissed, importuned, hand-shook, book-thrust, and generally mauled and slurped.You are a wonderful, valuable, lovable and generous human being. I kind of want to vote for you for something!  I'm glad you talked of Col. Denman. Your article on him is, I think, one of the most beautiful you've ever written, and I've saved it. People in LA forget, or never knew, of people like him, and like your father, both of blessed memory. They had more class than the richest "star" ever will. And, so do you."

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