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The Capitalist Code: It Can Save Your Life and Make You Very Rich

WARREN BUFFETT SAYS: "My friend, Ben Stein, has written a short book that tells you everything you need to know about investing (and in words you can understand). Follow Ben’s advice and you will do far better than almost all investors (and I include pension funds, universities and the super-rich) who pay high fees to advisors." 

The Gift of Peace:

Guideposts on the Road to Serenity

The lessons in The Gift of Peace are about surrender to God, turning envy around, realizing one’s own unimportance in the universe, and achieving humility through actions as well as thoughts.

What Would Ben Stein Do

Ben Stein’s experience from Washington to Hollywood and everywhere in between makes him the ideal individual to offer advice to others

How to Ruin Your Love Life

Ben Stein brings you 35 easy-to-follow steps to destroy your love life. The essays in this humorous book include "Always remember You Come First in Every Relationship" and "No matter How Many Problems Your Lover Has, Marry Him or Her Anyway".

Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!

 The specter of retirement is haunting the baby-boom generation. The generation that’s used to having it all is suddenly finding that it doesn’t have enough.

How to Ruin Your Financial Life

Anyone can write a book about how to get rich. The bookstores are full of them. They rarely work, though, which isn’t surprising since the people who write them rarely know much about money.

The Real Stars: In Today's America, Who Are the True Heroes?

Is Barbra Streisand a star? Is Bruce Springsteen a star? Is Sean Penn a star? Are any of the Hollywood players who endlessly complain about America (and make $20 million per picture) and say that America is a racist, imperialist country a star? Ben Stein doesn’t think so.

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