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"Ben Stein is simply the best commencement speaker!  There is a buzz in the auditorium before he takes the podium. His status as a cultural icon precedes him. Everyone is excited!

He is witty, he is passionate, and the audience adores him. Ben takes the role of Commencement speaker seriously. He understood why he was there and didn't use the occasion as a personal platform - which is sadly a rare occurrence.

He takes the time to learn about the institution and its values. He connects with the graduates. His words resonate with family members. His life lessons and historical examples are relevant and funny and hit the mark in a way that few graduation speeches do. He is appreciative of his audience and gracious to everyone he meets.

That famously " dry Stein delivery" is wrapped in a force field of energy and enthusiasm that is palpable to everyone in the audience.

He is a joy to work with...truly a professional. 

Patricia Potter - Interim President of National University

"You were just magnificent today! Your speech was strong, touching, funny, perceptive, interesting, and, most of all, from the heart. You don't just phone it in. You believe it and convey it in such a way that you teach, reveal truths that we don't think about often enough or hear enough, and you leave a lasting impression on everyone in the room. Not only that, but you stoically and cheerfully endure being mobbed, photographed, kissed, importuned, hand-shook, book-thrust, and generally mauled and slurped.You are a wonderful, valuable, lovable and generous human being. I kind of want to vote for you for something! I'm glad you talked of Col. Denman. Your article on him is, I think, one of the most beautiful you've ever written, and I've saved it. People in LA forget, or never knew, of people like him, and like your father, both of blessed memory. They had more class than the richest "star" ever will. And, so do you.

Lorraine Stalberg

"I just wanted to thank you once more for the terrific time that we had with you last Monday up here in Marquette. You were a genuinely interesting person to converse with and that cannot be said of a lot of the speakers we've had up here. Some have had massive egos or a total lack of personality; can't say that with you. You were a total class act." 

Thomas Brown - Northern Michigan University

"On behalf of Lamar State College-Orange, Texas, I want to thank you for making last night a special occasion. Your lecture presentation went well beyond our expectations—it struck just the right balance between humor and serious reflection. I have had numerous positive comments this morning from students, faculty, and staff. I especially want to express my appreciation for your willingness to visit with our guests and sign autographs. Your warmth and 'approachability' impressed everyone."

​Mike Shahan - President, Lamar State College 

Speech writer for Presidents Nixon and Ford, Long time columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and The New York Times. Professor of Law and Economics at Pepperdine University, Multiple New York Times best selling author, winner of multiple awards for writing on finance, trial lawyer, long time commentator for CBS News, Fox News, and CNN, diarist for The American Spectator, columnist for NewsMax. Emmy winning host of "Win Ben Stein's Money", parts in dozens of movies and TV shows, including "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "The Wonder Years," 'Expelled," "The Mask I and II", and many many others. 

The only well known economist and social commentator
 to be awarded an Emmy for TV Comedy. 
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​"The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy." 

Ben Stein
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