Ben Stein
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Speech Writer, Author, Actor, TV Personality and More!
Anyone, Anyone
Win Ben Stein's Money
A game show where Ben plays the host. This particular episode features 3 contestants also named Ben Stein.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 
Ben Stein on Craig Ferguson 
Ben Stein's Videos 
Ben plays a monotone teacher. The Teacher Ben plays became an instant classic, people will always remember the line  "Bueller" "Bueller".
Craig Ferguson has Ben Stein as a guest on his late night talk show.
Ben Stein on Christmas 
Bill O'Reilly continued his fight against the War on Christmas  tonight  Ben Stein gives his point of view on the subject
Talk Soup 
​Ben Stein for President 
Ben gives his opinion about a couple on a show called "Forgive or Forget".
Fun spoof animation by the Silenced Majority of America. The SMA fight for the rights of Americans who have been told their rights don't matter. 
Mass Media
Win Ben Steins Money: Beach Edition
Ben Takes a holiday but brings his show with him for this very special beach edition. 
Stein on Merv Griffin 
Ben speaks about  "The View From Sunset Boulevard", one of his many enlightening books.
Turn Ben Stein On 
Ben Interviews Norm Macdonald.
Ben Stein and Neil Cavuto
Ben Stein and Neil Covuto talk about President Obama's claims on how many jobs his policy's have saved.
Neil Cavuto with Ben Stein
Ben Stein and Neil Cavuto get into a verbal fight over the state of the economy after the bail out Saturday morning on FOX's Cavuto for Business.
Ben Stein On CBS 
Ben Stein gives a passionate speech on how our Government is going off the rails.
Full House
Ben plays the hipster, Elliott Warner
All Star comedy with Ben as a nitwit executive
Family Guy 
The voice of Rabbi Goldberg
Plane, Trains and Automobiles
Married with Children
Tales From the Crypt
The Mask
Ghostbusters 2
Son of The Mask
My Girl 2